the ten 15-minute bundle

the ten 15-minute bundle


Receive 10 videos each 15-minutes in length.  Each video has a different focus and is a perfect on-the-go yoga for the cottage, airport or on the beach. If you don't have time to make it to the studio, this is perfect for you! Join Rebecca for 10 weeks of DIY yoga, with a video delivered to you each Friday.

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On vacation? At the cottage? Don't have time to drop in to the studio? This 15 minute bundle is perfect for you. The bundle is a series of "DIY" yoga classes to take with you on the go. Being accessible from your computer or smartphone, the flexibility of this bundle gives you the option to bring your practice onto the cottage dock, the beach or even the airport.

What you get: Ten 15-minute online videos
One video per week for ten weeks, each with a different theme or focus

Investment: 50$